About Us

Our Purpose

What began as a simple desire to produce comfortable, perfect-fitting clothing to make traveling a breeze, soon turned into an even greater mission. Our goal as a brand is to provide you with your favorite clothing set. Making it your favorite not just because it's insanely comfortable, but also because you feel your best in it! This, instead of sweats that make you feel frumpy when you go out in them.

We believe in slow fashion and loving what you buy! We quickly found at the beginning of our journey that we could take the easier, cheaper route in the fashion industry and use foreign sweatshops to our advantage, OR we could choose the more difficult, pricier way of sourcing our product and have it ethically made in the U.S.(sweatshop free). We proudly produce all of our clothing in Los Angeles, California, using high-quality fabrics as well as non-toxic dyes. So you can feel good about how your clothes were made while looking freaking good in them.

Go ahead and wear that same outfit to dinner that you've been wearing on your long flight or car ride. You look ✨amazing and our hope is that we can help you, and women everywhere, feel comfortable and confident!


      Our Story

      While stuck in quarantine during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, I craved travel. I daydreamed about my favorite destinations and taking my newborn son to introduce him to my most beloved spots.

      So while we couldn't go far in 2020, my husband, baby and I hiked and explored our state as much as we could. We went on "mini road-trips" to keep our sanity. Had bonfires in the backyard. Cruised on drives up the canyon. 

      What I couldn't see in the moment was that this seemingly frustrating experience was actually bringing me something really cool! During this time (when I wore sweats or leggings every day) I thought about how I really needed a sleek, comfortable jogger pant -- and an entire classy, yet comfortable outfit at that! Something that I could travel effortlessly in, whether that was a hike up the mountain behind our house, or maybe someday sitting on a 6-hour flight to Hawaii. Really just a perfect set that could make me feel put-together AND care for a baby/live life in. 

      After many late nights (because I couldn't turn my brain off about this idea), TW Travel Wear was born and I can't wait to share it with you!

      xx Tarah Wilson


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